Welcome to my World

N: Grandma said you Daddy. You no Daddy. You Dada!

J: Of course. You’re right… I’m Dada.

That’s me. Dada. Don’t get me confused with Dad or Pops or Papa or Daddy.

Nope. I’m Dada.

A title I’ve been lucky enough to have for over five years now. Since the birth of my son, here known as K.

When number two, N, came along… it became a full time position. Full time, all the time. I am Dada.

It was the decision that made sense… We had invested in my wife, her education and her career. I had the career that paid the bills throughout that investment but it made my soul dark and left me empty.

When we had to consider paying a good percentage of one of our salaries to have our kids in daycare, it was a no-brainer.

Remarkably, my soul lightened very quickly. My heart became full.

So here I am. Here you are. Here we are.

The most tiring and brain draining yet fulfilling and important job one can do.

Welcome! Follow along. Let’s see how it goes… and don’t worry. You can trust me, I’m a professional.

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