Failure as a parent. I’d say it’s pretty much the biggest fear. Every day I want to make sure my children end up better than me. Depending on the state of my self worth and ego on any given day, the goal posts are closer or farther apart. Then come the days when it’s all beyond you but you still…

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They get so old so fast…

N *quite upset*: I don’t have a credit card!!! J: Why not? They don’t give two year olds credit cards? N: NO! J: Maybe when you’re older. N: Yes. Maybe when I am three! #musingsofthedaughter

Will you marry me?

N: Can you marry me Dada? J: Marry you? No I can’t marry you. N: *sad* Why? J: Because I’m already married to Mama and I can’t marry my daughter. But I’ll always love you. N: Oh! Oh-tay!