When kissing an ouch goes wrong…

N: *falls on her butt, tears erupt*

J: *picks her up* You alright?

N: *through tears* No… kiss it.

J: Sorry N, I’m not going to kiss your butt.

N: *still crying* KISS IT!

J: *calculates odds that this will stop in any other way… hmm… not good….*

*leans over, fakes kiss*

N: Not there! In the middle!

J: Hey look! Shiny! *points at something over there*

N distracted, forgets about butt.

Win for Dada.

#fatherhood #ouch #butthurt

1 thought on “When kissing an ouch goes wrong…

  1. I remember very clearly the day that you (at about the same age) snapped *something* in a dropping toilet seat at Nanny’s. We heard the THUD of the falling seat followed by the agonized screams of a little boy wanting his mommy to kiss it better!! Yeah, sorry kiddo!! 🙂

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